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Steve Gibons


I am performing! I’m battery operated now, and bring my own stage area for a completely self contained solo, duo or trio concert on your porch, rooftop, in your back yard, or any outdoor location!  Call or text me (my number’s below) to make arrangements.

My private teaching is happening too- both online, and outside in my back yard! 

All in-person stuff is done from a safe distance.  I even have more exclamation points if needed! 

In my teaching I work on:

  • violin technique
  • in-the-moment creativity
  • jazz improv theory and skills

I help you better your improvisation skills 
by guiding your focus in a way that leads you to an internal creative space.  What I’ve developed over decades of teaching is a sort of pedagogical dowsing which goes beyond simple teaching of skills. I’m focused on your technical performance skills- but also on divining the contents of your personal musical heritage, which is everything you’ve heard, sung, and known.

You might have noticed that much of what we remember is hidden until something triggers the recall- I find ways to do that which avoids relearning what you already know.

I use all the well-known video conferencing apps for lessons, and if you have a solid Internet connection, I have a specialized system that provides high quality sound with video in sync, as well as real-time accompaniment tracks, metronome, and recording.

To reach me, call or text 773-980-9890

Steve Gibons

Performance Calendar

August 2020

Wednesday August 12