steve gibons

chicago jazz violin

photo credit: john boehm

Steve Gibons is a violinist, composer and  educator who plays jazz and folk music.  

call/text 773-980-9890 or type  below


I offer instruction in violin technique, jazz violin improvisation and world music. My teaching style is focused and flexible, and I engage my students through a philosophy of owning ones learning.

I accept students at any level of expertise from age of 12 through adult and professional, I accept younger students if a parent can be present at lessons. Use the form or phone number here to find out more.

People say:

“Steve is the kind of teacher that shares with you the infectious joy of music. I truly appreciated how much delight he found with each detail about music and always felt inspired to go discover more. He is patient and willing to take the time to help you learn something. His knowledge of not only jazz but other styles of music is something I aspire to!”

–Janice L., 2021


“Steve Gibons is a wonderful teacher. My son, Daniel, is 17 years old and has been taking violin lessons for 13 years, and he has been learning from Steve for over 2 years. I don’t think I could find a better teacher for my son.”

–Terry U.


“His lessons are fun and challenging and give me the right amount of material to work on till our next meeting.” 

–Jan S.


“…he has been extremely patient . He is funny, extremely knowledgeable and flexible.” 

–Carole H.


November 2021

Saturday November 27 12:00 pm – Sunday November 28 3:00 pm

Teaching - contact me for more info

December 2021

Wednesday December 1

8:00 pm – 11:59 pm
♫ Green Mill Jazz Club ♫
4801 N. Broadway Chicago IL 60640

till midnight ⁞⁞⁞ With the Alfonso Ponticelli quartet: Alfonso (guitars, etc) Ethan Phillian (bass) Bob Rummage (drums)

Sunday December 5 – Friday December 10

Clinard Dance project TBA

Wednesday December 8

8:00 pm – 11:59 pm
♫ Green Mill Jazz Club ♫
4801 N. Broadway Chicago IL 60640

till midnight ⁞⁞⁞ With the Alfonso Ponticelli quartet: Alfonso (guitars, etc) Ethan Phillian (bass) Bob Rummage (drums)

Friday December 10 2:10 pm – Sunday December 12 2:00 am

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Sunday December 12 – Sunday December 19

Clinard Dance Project in Spain

A cultural exchange project between Spain and Chicago, featuring Flamenco artist Nino de los Reyes and Clinard Dance. Funded by a MacArthur Foundation International Connections Fund award