Steve Gibons

chicago jazz/folk violin


Welcome! My private teaching studio is now completely online. 

I work on:

  • violin technique
  • in-the-moment creativity
  • jazz improv theory and skills 

I help you better your improvisation skills 
by guiding your focus in a way that leads you to an internal creative space.  What I’ve developed over decades of teaching is a sort of pedagogical dowsing which goes beyond simple teaching of skills. I’m focused on your technical performance skills- but also on divining the contents of your personal musical heritage, which is everything you’ve heard, sung, and known.

Much what we know is hidden from us, what I try to do is reveal it, so you don’t need to relearn it. 

I use all the well-known video conferencing apps for lessons, and if you have a solid Internet connection, I have a specialized system that provides high quality sound with video in sync, as well as real-time accompaniment tracks, metronome, and recording of your playing along with the accompaniment. 

Please use the form below or to the right to contact me- I would be more than happy to answer your questions and spend some time talking with you. 

Steve Gibons

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Performance Calendar

June 2020

Friday June 5

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Tzedek Chicago Erev Shabbat
Location TBA
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